About Denise

Denise Sims is passionate about helping artisans, empathic learners and creative entrepreneurs live their ‘big vision.’ She brings to her work a unique “body of knowledge” evolved from a lifetime of learning.

From early childhood, Denise knew she was “different.”  Highly intuitive and deeply creative, she didn’t fit in to the “usual child behavior” box. At the age of 8, Denise began her professional career designing jewelry and clothing, but there was something more that she yearned to figure out.

Finally in her 20’s she was diagnosed with a rare and extremely severe form of dyslexia, and at the same time began studies with thought leaders in the intuitive world. Over time honed her intuitive skills to an art form and discovered innovative ways to educate and empower artistic and creative entrepreneurs, many of whom also don’t fit in to the traditional “education box.”

She is deeply compassionate and understanding of artisans and was personally involved with Pro Art Open Studio from its inception, which connects local artisans and buyers directly.

She has been deeply involved in the design and fashion industry for over 30 years and about 13 years ago discovered a need for a more holistic approach to traditional “image consulting.” So she developed Simaxion Coaching, its main purpose to assist those who are ready to take action in living the lives they really want, using her creative and innovative teaching techniques.

Creativity runs in her family. At the age of 12, her son Austin became a professional artist, selling his first piece to Mythology Aparrel Design (MAD). This is a brand new high end ‘urban sport’ line of clothing inspired by modern day mythology through the eyes of youth.

Austin and Mark at MAD launch party

Another graphic by Austin









His ‘ladybug chalk art’ was part of the “World’s Biggest Sidewalk Chalk Art Event” noted by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Austin's ladybug chalk art.

Austin's ladybug chalk art.









A girl's best friend

At the age of 16, her daughter Savanna created a 3 minute short documentary that was selected for the ‘Youth View’ film fest which was sponsored by Sundance. Today her mother describes her as “a totally awesome gnarly babe, who is prominent in the male dominated ‘Fixed Gear’ bike community.

During her career, Denise has personally served more than 8,000 clients. Tens of thousands have enjoyed her talks and workshops on image, personal style and presentation.

Denise invites you to step outside of your box and imagine life without boundaries – A life where you make a huge impact on your community and the world.  Click here to schedule a strategy session with Denise to learn how you can unleash your big dream and live the life that you want.