Client Showcase

I have amazing clients!  I love what they are up to so much in the world that I wanted to share them with you! 
Please enjoy the fun, creative and productive ways my clients are implementing their gifts and talents:

Brianna Lengel-Bail Creator of Stiletto Cartel and
Jon-Paul Bail Political Poster Artist,  Co-owners of Political Gridlock

Jon-Paul Bail - Political Gridlock

Political Gridlock

Brianna Lengel-Bail - Stiletto Cartel

Stiletto Cartel

Brianna Lengel-Bail focuses on political and ‘Girl Power’ art. Her groundbreaking talent displays an edgy, yet sometimes playful view of  culture and current events.
Creative talent, Jon-Paul Bail has a keen sense and awareness of pop culture and political satire unique to his own humor, quick wit and life experience.

Working together, this team has created many amazing projects and activities that support and engage creative young people helping to direct their energy in fun and productive ways.

Kudos! to Brianna and JP for their ‘good work’ in the world supporting creative talent in many forms for all ages.

Susan Dressler, Founder of Nofu Skin Care

Susan Dressler - Nofu Skin Care

Nofu Skin Care

Nobody knows skin like Susan Dressler knows skin! Susan focuses on a No Fuss (NoFu) skin care lifestyle emphasizing custom attention
and results. Her Salon (and website too)  is beautiful, creative and peaceful. Be sure to stop by and register for her informative
monthly newsletter with great ‘tips’ in it. Why wait? Treat yourself to one of her skin care services today.

Kate McCaffrey, Realtor specializing in green homes and sales in Alameda

Kate McCaffrey - Homes of Alameda

Homes of Alameda

If you believe in green building AND you want to buy or sell Real Estate in Alameda, Kate is the person to talk with BEFORE you talk with any other Realtor.  Sellers appreciate her great eye for color and aesthetics that help homes sell faster and buyers love it that she can assist them in creating a comfortable harmonious environment in their new homes with an emphasis on ‘green’ materials.

JP McCaffrey, Founder of McCaffrey Custom Construction

JP McCaffrey - McCaffrey Custom Construction

McCaffrey Custom Construction

Ready for people to say “wow” when they visit your home? JP McCaffrey is an artisan craftsman creating exquisite living
spaces using green building materials He has a keen eye for quality and what will be harmonious with the architecture and
vintage of your home.  Don’t miss his website which displays examples of his beautiful work!