How it Works/Services/What to Expect

What it is

SIMAXION Coaching is a powerful process designed to access what has juice, passion and creativity for you, honing your gifts and talents to create ‘the life you want’ both personally and professionally.

It works through your natural creativity, intuition and action. There are no tests and no memorization, simply ‘active learning’! You will discover what is holding you back and learn what to do about it. You’ll see the results unfold all around you – every day -starting immediately.

And – it’s fun!

Is it always easy? No.  Will you get the results you want? YES!  (click here to see what other clients have said about Simaxion coaching?)

When you’re done you will have created a rich, inspiring, abundant and satisfying life.

“When you fully commit yourself, state your goals and intentions, and engage in SIMAXION Coaching, a clear path to your success emerges.”  ~ Denise Sims

What you can expect

After our initial strategy session, if it is determined that you are a good candidate for Simaxion coaching, you will receive a questionnaire. Once you complete and submit it, you’ll get our contract and your first payment will be due.

Coaching takes place over the phone on a  monthly basisblah blah blah (OK I need the actual ‘what happens’)  all of which is covered in our contract.

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