The ‘Natives’ are getting wrestless . . .

Well . . . it’s a new age in every respect. It has arrived seemingly overnight with a force! Have you noticed how fast the world seems to be changing since ‘The Crash’ in 2009? And faster again in the last 6 months?!

This is yet another ‘Rollover’ time period. Just as there was a technology ‘rollover’ in 1999, there is another one happening now. In 1999 the whole world seemed to get cell phones and computers that year. This changed the exchange of information radically and exponentially overnight!

This year it seems to have happened again. Have you noticed the whole world has gotten smart phones overnight? This has bumped up the speed and exchange of information exponentially again! The whole world has an ‘answer box/picture box’ in their hand.

Having been an Image Consultant for more than 25 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to interface with many ‘world class’ business people and ‘Fortune 500′ business owners. As such, I have always tracked fashion, pop culture, music and trends globally. You would be amazed how political fashion and pop culture trends are. They always ‘signal’ something about what is fundamentally going on in the current cultural climate.

About 12 years ago I began to notice and track the explosion of young people who were getting body art (tattoos) and piercings. This was ’cause for pause’ for me! I began thinking about what this popular phenomenon ‘signaled’ in the bigger picture. I was struck by the “Ancients return” aspect of body art and piercings. Also, the ritual of it all in a US culture that has virtually abandoned all  rituals for children shifting into teens and young adults. In my humble opinion, they had to make up their own ritual which is now in the form of tattoo’s, piercings and guaging.

In ancient cultures and civilizations symbols and images were the highest form of efficient communication. Being the (rare form of) Dyslexic that I am, this peaked my interest on many levels. Symbols have always made so much more sense to me than words. Words seem so archaic and utterly cumbersome to me, so Roman and Patriarchal . . . intended to control the masses (Natives and pagans of the past) in an oppressive manner. If you weren’t ‘Edumacated’ you couldn’t read these tiny little symbols called letters and words. You were then dismissed as a heathen, a native, a simpleton, a stupid culture!

If you think about it, symbols are so much more efficient in nature and communicate elegantly and instantaneously. Today’s translation of symbols shows up everywhere!!! Corporations get paid multi-millions of dollars to reduce a company’s ID to a symbol. Today this is referred to in a ‘New, ‘improved’ and perhaps ‘Lemon scented’ way. (a few years ago words that sold products were ‘New’, ‘Improved’ and ‘Lemon scented’. For real! We wanted our butt’s to smell like lemons.) I digress. Today this is called a ‘Logo’, and it’s merely one aspect of ‘Branding’. To me this seems so silly that it is thought of as a ‘New and improved’ oh so modern idea. It’s utterly laughable to me. Logo’s are not only ‘NOT NEW’, they are Ancient!

I began to correlate this ‘pop culture’ phenomenon to something I call ‘Denise’s theory’, ie; ‘The color the sky is in my world.’ I call it “Return of ‘The Ancients”’. This amazing and vast body of knowledge fascinates me. Sacred geometry is an amazing example of the power of symbols. In today’s world of academics it’s called physics, but for most part has abandoned the mystical aspects of it. Another aspect of the current day shift to symbols lies in the hand held ‘answer box/picture box’. Today the name is ‘smart phone’.

Youtube is rapidly and radically changing the terrain of how we get information. There are no spelled words on youtube. There are only images that are put together in very fast short increments to convey a message. In fact the future (which is already here) is rapidly shifting marketing media to ‘youtube’!!! This is changing the terrain of global marketing radically overnight. It’s no mistake that the generations under 30 are referred to as ‘Natives’. Again, for me this is high-larious! “Natives” is a term used for all generations who were born in the age of technology. They have interfaced with it since they were children. They are adept and snappy with technology and navigate it with lightening speed.

Many corporations are laying off ‘baby boomers’ and hiring ‘Natives’ to replace them at a much lower annual wage. ‘Natives’ are texting, tweeting, youtubing and facebooking their way to the top! Like it or not ‘baby boomers’, this is the harsh reality. Get with the program.

If you’re a ‘baby boomer’, the next time you have judgments and evaluations about the tattoo’d, pierced out ‘Native’ sitting next to you, think again, they may have your job tomorrow. “The Ancients” have returned . . . and their not using letters baby.

Denise Sims

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  1. Denise this is both wise and hilarious. Agreed on symbols, but hadn’t thought about tats as a ‘rite of passage’ for teens, interesting. great post, thanks!

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