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Creative Learning

Frequently clients who are drawn to Simaxion Coaching are exceedingly bright and brilliant creative talents. It’s not unusual for Simaxion Coaching clients to have some form of a learning disability which is one of the reasons they have not fit into traditional educational learning institutions.

“I met Denise and there was an automatic connection, so our weekly sessions began.  The impact was immediate. I felt happier, more energetic, better organized, my communication with my clients improved, my sales increased, and I experienced an overall increase in my self esteem. This all happened to someone who already knew everything on her own.  Ha ha” - Susan Dressler

I have struggled personally with a severe form of dyslexia my entire life. Through the course of my life I have learned many successful compensation techniques as well as practical ways of minimizing and overcoming the effects of my dyslexia. This has also allowed me to strengthen many other skills, brain function and useful sense based techniques.

In my experience people who experience learning disabilities or simply feel “Clogged up creatively”,  have the need to develop and utilize other parts of their brain besides intellect. Many times this manifests in the form of high intuition, a keen awareness of sense and or tact, advanced auditory and visual recall and excelling in particular areas others might not.

I refer to this as ‘active empathic learning’. As a result of my own learning disability I have an acute awareness of others subtle deficits or challenges. Due to this awareness I have been successful using many alternative styles of learning and teaching for myself and others.

It’s very common for individuals with learning disabilities to have exceedingly high IQ’s allowing them to explore and express their creativity with genius.

Through Simaxion Coaching I assist others to further define their gifts and talents and assist them to improve skills which will increase cash flow.

“From my coaching experience comes a realization that we all need help at some point in our lives and the biggest step is asking for it. Take the leap!”
Susan Dressler, Business Owner, NoFu skin care


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