Denise sims


Color and Stylist pioneer, Denise Sims, has served thousands of men and women to look their best for more than twentyfive years. Using a highly refined system based on individual coloring, bone structure and body type, Denise is able to help you identify your unique personal style. 

When your closet is streamlined, containIng clothes that work for you and your lifestyle, you look great and it’s a pleasure to get dressed every morning!


Per repeated ‘client request’ more than fifteen years ago, Denise began providing Coaching Services to individuals and small businesses. Integrating her background in business, design, art and creativity, coupled with her long time background in ‘A Course in Miracles’, (ACIM), ‘HeartMath‘, meditation, ‘Indigenous Wisdom‘, intuition and Mental Health advocacy, Denise provides unique Coaching services.

Clients become happier, more creative, access more joy, feel more connected to themselves and the natural world around them, have more fun and generate more money.


BSP is a revolutionary, powerful and elegant ‘Healing’ modality pioneered by Dr David Grand Phd. It produces profound and swift results allowing emotionally charged issues, blocks or patterns of self sabotage to release and fall away.